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14 investment apps for low income earners.


I have heard a lot of people say that “Investing is only for the rich folks”

I used to think like this before too, I would always pray to God to help me hit millions so I can start investing. Real estate was my most desired 😀.

But you see, investing has never been for the rich, anyone can invest, the only difference is that there are some investment opportunities only the rich can afford to venture into because of the amount required, likewise, there are so many other investment opportunities available for low income earners. I mean investment opportunities that can be started with as low as N5000.

I didn’t realize on time that, the little N20k I was making monthly back then, I could invest N5000 and keep upgrading till it grows into millions. I worked for 6 years without this knowledge. Imagine the amount I would have made within that 6 Years.

One thing you need to understand with investment is that it takes time to really make a lot of sense. Investing N5000 monthly now might look like a very small thing to you but in 10-20 years from now, using compound interest and a good interest rate, you would would definitely be a millionaire.

Some people wish to invest with Zari Investment club but keeps complaining of not having upto 100k, if you start now to invest that N5k monthly, in less than 18 months you would be able to make money to join Zari club and enjoy our 60% annual interest rate. 😇

Even if you don’t want to join Zari club, you can be able to diversify your portfolio and before you know it, you have arrived at the millionaire geng 😊 just with N5k.

So here are 14 Apps to start your investing journey as a low income earner, some of them can be started with as low as N5000.

They can be found on Google play store, Study about each of them to learn how they work and start investing immediately.

1. I-invest
2. Payday investor
3. Farm crowdy (Crowdyvest)
4. Piggyvest
5. Pay vest.
6. Cowrywise
7. Afrinvestor
8. FBN edge
9. Stanbic IBTC
10. Wema bank Alat
11. Wealth.ng
12. Kolopay
13. Thrive agric
14. Carbon

I have always said it that the difference between where you now and where you want to be is TIME. Not time wasted but time properly and strategically utilized.

You can properly utilize your time and the little money you have now and soon, it will become millions. But I advise you to let go of fear. One common thing I have noticed among most low income earners is Fear. Let go of fear because it will only keep you at a spot and later in regret. I have never seen a rich man that is scared of investing. All the rich people I know are courageous investors so let go of fear if you must make it to the top.

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