4 things to do before you start investing

You just heard about investing and you can’t wait to start or maybe you knew about it all along but was waiting for the perfect time and now you are ready to start Or even maybe you have been investing all these while but without setting the right foundation Investing is just like every other […]

4 Money Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make

Bad financial management is one of the major reasons start up fails. But these can be avoided with the right information, discipline and commitment. Here I outlined 4 major money mistakes entrepreneurs make and that could crumble their businesses. 1. Not paying yourself a Salary. If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t pay yourself […]

5 ways to expand your existing business and make more money

Here are 5 different ways to make money from your existing business

Make money with this 5 ideas during this lock down.

If you are already running out of cash as a result of the lock down, you don’t have to freak out anymore. You can make some money by doing some businesses using your smartphone and internet connection so even if the lock down gets extended, you will be able to survive. Also, if the lock […]

3 ways to boost your finances after this Covid19 pandemic

It is often said that when life throws at you lemons, try to make lemonade from it. While a lot of people consider this Covid19 a challenge, in few weeks from now, a lot more of other people will be grateful that it happened because it caused them to discover new ways of doing things. […]

14 investment apps for low income earners.

I have heard a lot of people say that “Investing is only for the rich folks” I used to think like this before too, I would always pray to God to help me hit millions so I can start investing. Real estate was my most desired 😀. But you see, investing has never been for […]

Avoid this mistake if you want a better future.

Everybody prays for their tomorrow to be better than today, sadly, a lot of people’s today would be far better than their tomorrow. Why? you make ask, There are a lot of factors responsible for this but I was able to discover one that is almost eating up the lives of millions of people especially […]


This is a must read if you plan to save this year.

A hear a lot of people say that they have started to save for the year, while this is a good way to start the year, A lot of people end at just planning to save, they don’t plan to invest and that’s a wrong financial move. Saving without investing will do little difference to […]


6 ways to make 2020 your best financial year

A lot of people wish for a lot of things to happen in 2020 but don’t even have a plan of achieving it One major mistake that those who lack financial Intelligence has been making is expecting things to be done spontaneously without properly planning for it. Luke 14:28-30  says something It says –”Suppose one […]


Never go into 2020 without doing this

NEVER GO INTO 2020 WITHOUT KNOWING WHERE ALL YOUR MONEY IS GOING TO. You see, you might never achieve your  financial goals if you are still carefree about how your money is being spent. Remember, if you don’t tell your money where to go, you will keep wondering where it went…. Dave Ramsey. Here is […]