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Avoid this mistake if you want a better future.


Everybody prays for their tomorrow to be better than today, sadly, a lot of people’s today would be far better than their tomorrow.

Why? you make ask,

There are a lot of factors responsible for this but I was able to discover one that is almost eating up the lives of millions of people especially in this age of social media.

It is the mistake of LIVING TO IMPRESS PEOPLE.

#SomeΒ  are trying to impress their neighbor by getting a generator set or a home appliance that is not even needed
around the house

#Some men are working hard week days only to spend the money impressing ladies at the weekend.

#Some ladies on the other hand spend a lot of money on themselves just to feel accepted.

And so on.

I know of a lady who has nothing doing. A graduate looking for job, Someone dashed her some money during this last Christmas period, she quickly got herself an iPhone simply because all her friends are using iPhone.

The annoying part is that she was  unable to keep buying data so she virtually turned a data beggar.

When she could have used the same money to either learn a skill or start up a small business.

The examples I have regarding this issue of living to impress is just endless.

Everybody wants to look rich on social media and so they go all out to get all it takes to achieve that aim without thinking of the effect.

The dangers of this is that, in few years from now, you will realize that you have actually spent all your vibrant years impressing people while your bank account is empty.

You might want to make things right but the opportunies and energy might not longer be available.

Ask yourself this question, what are you doing to impress people?

Are you living to impress the people of this world that don’t give a damn about you or you are living to impress your generation?

A good father leaves wealth for his children’s children. Prov 13:22 (Likewise a good mother works to support her husband to make their children lives comfortable).

I am working, saving and investing today not because I don’t like to show off too but because I don’t want my children to suffer, I don’t want to be stranded when my husband can no longer cater for us.

I am working, saving and investing so that I can have properties for my children in case my husband is unable to acquire any. (even if he does).


What will you be leaving for your children?

A human hair that cost 300k that will be worth less than 5k then or real investments?

You as a man, maybe you would be leaving the record of a bachelor that slept with the most prettiest girls in town 🀣

The choice is yours. 🀭

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  1. This is indeed an eye opener. It’s so unfortunate that a lot of young people lack vision, don’t have long-term goals and only live to impress others.

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