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bronze membership

The bronze membership is for members who wish to save a part of their monthly income at the end of every month.

This is the advanced method of the traditional Ajo/Esusu.

Being a part of the bronze club helps you not only to save your money but also get 5% interest in amount saved.

To be a part of the bronze membership, you must be willing to start with a minimum amount of 100,000 and a maximum amount of N900, 000.

After which you are expected to state the exact amount to be saved with the club monthly.
Each month, you will be required to pay in the part of your income that is to be saved with the club.

Investment period for the bronze membership is usually for as long as the member wants.
Each member gets 5% on their investment, monthly for as long as they want to invest.

The goal of the bronze membership is to encourage and build a saving culture in the lives of people who wants to attain financial freedom.
To attain financial freedom, you must embrace saving and investment culture.