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The big lie about being an employee and being poor


Has anyone ever told you that you will never become rich by being an employee?

They lied to you.

That is merely a misconception

And this misconception came as a result of misinterpretation of one of the greatest financial book of all time, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

I was also held captive by this misconception, as a matter of fact, that was what prompted me to think of becoming an Entrepreneur in the first place but after several years, I got to read the book by myself and the revelation was mind blowing.

Reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I notice that the poor Dad who was an employee wasn’t poor because he was an employee nor because he wasn’t making enough money from his job.

As a matter of fact, he was making enough from his salary which could build him financial freedom.

What made him and the Rich dad different was their understanding about money.

Unlike the popular believe that a job is slavery or Just Over Broke, you can build passive income with the same salary from your job and you must not quit your job to achieve that.

Everyone can’t be an entrepreneur and not embracing entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you have settled for poverty.

What makes you financially free isn’t quitting your job and becoming an entrepreneur

What makes you free is using a part of your salary to build a passive income so that when you stop working or get fired from your job, you would have enough money coming from your passive investment to sustain you.

So before you quit your job, make sure it’s not because you think you aren’t making enough.

For the amount you earn can make you financially free if you place more value on Asset rather than Liabilities.

You can be an employee, save part of your salary and invest in real estate

You can be an employee, save part of your salary and invest with investment clubs.

You can be an employee, save part of your salary and invest in bonds, shares etc.

Your investment keeps multiplying while you keep doing your job.

And then when you finally get fired or retired, you will have enough money to sustain you for life.

Conclusion: if you are an employee, this post is to tell you that you too can achieve financial freedom but then it starts with you saving up and investing a part of your salary for as long as you are employed.

Are you an employee?
Have you started saving for the future?
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