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Here is one way to spot investment opportunities around you.


If you don’t want to invest with investment companies or clubs

Here is one way to spot an investment opportunity around you.

Do you know anyone who has a thriving business, one that is high in demand?

Go close to them and ask them or subtly find out if they need investors and what the possible interest rate would be.

Here’s what I’m talking about👇

A woman buys rice in bags, but she was buying with very little capital, still striving to grow.

A friend of mine came in contact with this woman.

From one discussion to another, the woman mentioned that if only she can get more money to put into her rice business that she would make more profit than she’s currently making.

My friend asked, if he gives her some money, how much will he be getting?

The woman said he would be getting N1,000 from each bag bought with his money.

So my friend gave the woman some money, they got a Lawyer and signed the agreement.

Every week, my friend gets 40k from the 40 bags the woman buys with his money.

The woman goes to market on weekly basis because she has ready buyers. (That’s a thriving business)

Now this is an example of what I’m talking about.

You might not be directly involved in a business but your money can work for you.

Before you embark on any investment journey, ensure to observe these five steps I’m about to show you now

1. Find out how pressing the problem the product or service is solving.

That is because a business that solves real life problems has the potential of succeeding more. This should be a business that either takes away pain or gives pleasure to people.

2. How long have the business been existing and their revenue so far.

3. What is the risk involved and how much does it affect you?  See if it’s something you can tolerate.

4. Make your own research. Don’t jump to invest in an investment opportunity based on what you have been told, always take out time to research about the business and get your own market survey.

5. Don’t put all your money. No matter how an investment opportunities sounds appealing, never ever put all your money in one single investment. Even the bible advises against this. (Ecclesiastes 11:2)

There are so many investment opportunities around you, a lot of people with high demand products/services are wishing for investors. All you need do is to locate this people.

Never make the mistake of allowing your money stay in your account idle.

What you don’t know is that, the bank runs businesses with it but pays you little to zero interest.

Also, the money still depreciates in value.

So always be in search of investment opportunities. But be very careful and say no to those ones that promises quick money.

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