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Make money with this 5 ideas during this lock down.


If you are already running out of cash as a result of the lock down, you don’t have to freak out anymore. You can make some money by doing some businesses using your smartphone and internet connection so even if the lock down gets extended, you will be able to survive.

Also, if the lock down gets lifted, you would have created an extra source of income for yourself too.

So here are the 5 different businesses you can do to make some money if you have a smartphone and internet connection.

Please note that all of the ideas listed here have been used and is still being used by some people to make money from the comfort of their homes so it’s not a copy and paste ideas.

1. Rent your social media wall/Group to small businesses: If you get upto 300+ likes on your social media posts or photos, it’s time to make some money for yourself.

You can consider advertising  for small businesses on your wall and get paid for it.

How: Make an offer in form of a post on your wall. You can use canva to design a simple graphics so it appears to be professional.
You can charge from as low as N2000 to N10,000 per ad depending on how influential you are.

If people starts paying, collect the money and give them a date which you would be advertising their products. Don’t advertise everything at once, advertise a post or two posts per day amidst your normal activities so your news feed don’t get floaded by advert. Let the people you are advertising for drop their contacts so all enquiries would be directed to them.

If you have an online group of your own, you can do same in your group.

2. Dropship other people’s products or sell their courses: Some people are making money this lock down by dropshipping other people’s product/courses. There are a lot of cheap but quality courses and products on the internet. I recommended a lady on my timeline around March 2020 who sells very quality turkey wears at a ridiculous price of 4k and I asked some people on my timeline to join her group and Dropship for her, as I write this, a lady I know made close to 150k as of that same March just by following my simple advise.

I also saw on a comment section of a post of one influencer how someone sold her courses and earned 34k in one week.
So you see there’s money everywhere.

Note_When searching for a product or courses to Dropship/sell always go for stuff with low prices but of high quality.
Most people like cheap but quality things.

3. Sell your knowledge: A lady is holding classes on whatsApp on how to make organic cream, another guy held a whatsApp class on how to make Milo, milk and other food/snacks, another lady was seen holding classes on how to handle book keeping for your small  business. Another lady was seen holding classes on how to design ebooks and animations pictures.

What is that thing you know how to do? Hold a class for it. If you don’t have enough audience that would sign up, reach out to those with higher audience, ask them to help you promote while you share the revenue based on how many people they bring.

4. Collaborate with someone and share the revenue: if you feel you have no skills which is not true, reach out to those who have high in demand skills and collaborate with them. Organize classes using whatsApp/Telegram, help in getting audience, let them teach while both of you share the revenue. It could be skills like web deisgning, course creation, animated video making, cream making, baking or cooking. Whatever it is, find who has the skill and strike a deal. You can hold one class every two weeks on different skills acquisition. It’s that simple.

5. Invest the remaining money you have:  This might seem difficult but I assure you it’s one of the best thing to do at this time. If you know about the stock market, invest it in stock market, If you don’t, invest with a reliable investment company. Company like zari investment club.

See, if you put the money you currently have into an investment, the way you will cope for the rest of this lock down would come as a surprise.

But knowing you have some cash would suspend your mind and keep making you lazy to hustle for more money until you have exhausted the one you have.

Don’t wait until that happen, put that money away and watch how your mind would get to work immediately.

Imagine after this whole lock down, you look back and see that you survived and your money is still intact even with more money. I tell you, you will be grateful for this very advise.
Please this advise isn’t for you if you have kids.

I conclude by saying that, money isn’t scarce, the fact that you don’t have money now or you are running out of cash now doesn’t mean money is scarce. Money is with people but you have to exchange something in order to make them release it for you. There’s money on the internet. I can confidently tell you that because I have been feeding from the internet for the past 6years now. Don’t even think that people have stopped spending money and then start wondering who would sign up for your courses or classes, that’s isn’t true. People have money, Stop sitting on the bycicle.

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