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This post is for you if you are an employee and do not have a business and do not intend of starting one.

Maybe you love the employee life and don’t think you can handle being an entrepreneur.

Everyone can not be an entrepreneur but everyone desires to have financial freedom. Right?

Many people think that financial freedom is just having sufficient money to buy what you want when you want it,

It doesn’t end there, it is also having the time to enjoy your wealth with peace of mind.

It is going on a vacation for as long as you want without worrying about being fired from your job.

You can’t claim to have financial freedom if you do not have the time to enjoy the money you have.

We already know that It is impossible to work at a company and still get enough time for your personal affair no matter how much your pay check is.

The highest holiday you can get is few weeks or months in a whole year.

How then can you enjoy financial freedom when you think Entrepreneurship is not for you?

I know you have been saving and investing a percentage of your salary but what happens when you stop working now and all your money is locked in an investment that will probably take a year or some years to reach maturity?

I bet you are beginning to understand where I’m coming from.

See, you must not be an entrepreneur to earn from the world of entrepreneurship.

What ever amount you earn from where you work now, what ever amount you save and invest, you need a business. One that pays you daily, weekly or monthly aside from your salary.

If you feel you do not have the skills to successfully run your own business then here’s a way to go about it.

Here are the two ways I think you can start a business even if you hate entrepreneurship.

The truth is, you can’t hate it as much as you want because it is a proven way to financial freedom.

So here it is

1. Collaborate with someone who has an idea. Yes you can start a business with someone who has a good business idea and contribute financially to the business. This way, you don’t get involved in most aspect of running the business, you just allow your money work for you while you get a particular percentage of the income.

This will require reaching an agreement and signing some document with your partner.

2. Open a business and hire someone to run it: An example of  this is opening maybe a barbing salon, ladies salon or even a laundery shop and hiring someone to run it. To avoid being cheated or hiring someone that will your business down,. You can place the person on a weekly or monthly target and increase it as your shop grows.

So if you love being an employee, these are the two ways I think you can start a business without leaving your job. This way, even if you get fired, you will have an income to sustain you till you get your next job.

It will also serve you when you finally Stopped working.

This shouldn’t stop you from investing in long term like real Estate, retirment investment and those long term investment.

This method is for your short term needs and a percentage from here can still be used to open more branches as well or invest in long term.

Now the business doesn’t have to be large if you do not have that kind of money. You can start a little business as a popcorn and icecream stand, sharwama stand and those little capital kind of business.

All you need to do is get a capable hand to handle it.

What do you think about this idea?


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